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Vivekananda Global University

    Established in 2012, Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur, stands as a trailblazer in its commitment to delivering a comprehensive education aligned with global standards. VGU is dedicated to providing an education that fosters coherence and integrity in intellectual pursuits, cultivating a social conscience among students. This approach aims to shape well-rounded individuals capable of critical thinking, considering issues from diverse perspectives, and communicating effectively.

    An education at Vivekananda Global University places a robust emphasis on foundational knowledge, rigorous academic research, and practical engagement with real-world challenges. The diverse community of 7500+ students on campus, hailing from 24 states in India, and 29 other countries, benefit from a world-class learning experience offered through a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These programs are led by our distinguished faculty, ensuring a comprehensive and top-tier educational environment.

    Faculty members, originating from diverse regions of India, actively contribute to high-level research and publications. The university fosters a dynamic research culture through individual and collaborative projects, both on a national and international scale. Specialised centers, evolving from specific disciplinary domains, as well as multidisciplinary research initiatives, further enhance the vibrant and research-intensive atmosphere at the university.

    Sponsored by the Bagaria Education Trust, Vivekananda Global University has evolved into a highly dynamic institution with a transformative mission and a comprehensive developmental agenda. With prestigious accreditations such as NAAC Grade A+ and ICAR, it stands out as one of the fastest-growing and leading universities in North India. Achieving this status within a mere decade, the university has successfully established itself as a prominent player not only in the educational landscape of Rajasthan but also on a national level.

    Embracing a diverse spectrum of disciplines, the university thrives in an educational environment primarily focused on technical and vocational training. Since its inception, VGU has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering holistic educational experiences. Beyond imparting academic knowledge, the university is dedicated to cultivating qualities that characterize a distinguished professional on the global stage.

    The university derives its name from Swami Vivekananda, a proponent of holistic human development encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. His advocacy for integrating science and technology into education, particularly emphasizing technical education for industrial development, serves as a cornerstone for our institution. Aligned with Swami Vivekananda's philosophy, our core values are deeply rooted in his thoughts and ideas, forming the foundation of our institute. Our overarching objective is to nurture the physical, mental, emotional, secular, and spiritual facets of our students, aspiring to mould them into professionals of global excellence and responsible citizens. These enduring ideals, firmly grounded in Indian culture, have transcended generations.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Recognised under Section 12 (B) of the UGC Act, 1956.
  • Accredited from ICAR for our Agricultural Programs.
  • Ranked among the 'Top 100 Higher Education Institutions' pioneering Digital Transformation.
  • Nominated as Cluster Member of DST SATHI Centre, BITS, Pilani.