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Faculty of Agriculture

Cultivating tomorrow's agricultural leaders through innovative education and sustainable practices.

Message from  Dean, Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture is committed to addressing the pressing challenges facing our global food systems and environment. Through our innovative research, interdisciplinary learning, and community engagement, we are empowering the next generation of agricultural leaders and scientists to develop sustainable solutions that will nourish our world and protect our natural resources. Together, we are cultivating the knowledge, skills, and passion needed to tackle the complex issues of food security, climate change, and environmental stewardship.


Best Agriculture College in Rajasthan, India

the Faculty of Agriculture at Vivekananda Global University, one of the best institutions in Rajasthan, India, to get a degree in Agriculture. Here, we cultivate the seeds of innovation and sustainability to address the world's most pressing food security challenges. Our faculty is committed to providing a comprehensive education that blends cutting-edge research, hands-on experience, and community engagement to prepare students for dynamic careers in agriculture and beyond.

Recognized as the Best Agriculture College in Rajasthan, India, VGU prepares you for a successful career in agriculture, aiming to create and disseminate agricultural knowledge and technology. With a focus on sustainable farming practices, technological advancements, and holistic ecosystem management, we empower students to become leaders in feeding the world while preserving our planet's precious resources. Our hands-on approach paves the way for a smooth transition to the workforce after graduation, equipping you with the best knowledge, skills, and passion to succeed in any number of agricultural careers this versatile degree prepares you for.

we cultivate a future where agriculture thrives, communities flourish, and our planet prospers.

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Your Future as a Professional Agricultural Catalyst

As a catalyst for agricultural innovation begins here at our faculty, where we nurture graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dedication to address global food security challenges and lead sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Make things happen with contemporary and practically oriented learning at the Faculty of Agriculture, Vivekananda Global University.
  • Shape your future with state-of-the-art facilities and a student-friendly ambiance at the Faculty of Agriculture, Vivekananda Global University.
  • Give a global vision to your agricultural career and get ahead with our strong global alliances.
  • Vivekananda Global University offers the highest return on investments to the students and their parents.
  • The impeccable placement record of the Faculty of Agriculture at Vivekananda Global University makes it the most sought-after educational institute in North India for aspiring agricultural professionals.
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Student Stories

Vivekananda Global University provided the platform I needed to excel. With a comprehensive curriculum and supportive faculty, I honed my skills and gained invaluable knowledge. Now, as a School Lecturer in Rajasthan Government, I implement the teachings acquired from VGU to inspire and educate the next generation. The university's emphasis on practical learning and holistic development prepared me for the challenges of the real world. I am grateful for the opportunities VGU offered, shaping me into a competent educator. My journey from student to lecturer is a testament to VGU's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering success.

Maniram Jakhar,
School Lecturer in Rajasthan Government

Vivekananda Global University equipped me with not just knowledge, but the skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of technology. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach prepared me immensely for real-world challenges. As a Senior Java Developer at Deutsche Bank, New York, I draw upon the solid foundation laid at VGU every day. The faculty's guidance and the innovative learning environment fostered my growth and shaped my career trajectory. VGU instilled in me a passion for excellence and a drive for continuous learning, qualities indispensable in the dynamic field of software development. I am grateful for the transformative experience at VGU.

Akhil Sudhireddy,
Senior Java Developer, Deutsche Bank, New York

Studying at Vivekananda Global University was transformative. Ms. Soniya Karwasra here. The diverse curriculum and supportive faculty fueled my passion for environmental sustainability. Now, as a Waste Management professional in Gurugram, I apply the skills honed during my time at VGU daily. The practical approach to learning empowered me to tackle real-world challenges efficiently. VGU not only imparted knowledge but also instilled values of responsibility and innovation. Grateful for the holistic education that prepared me for the dynamic field of Waste Management. Thank you, Vivekananda Global University, for shaping me into a competent professional contributing to a greener future.

Ms. Soniya Karwasra,
Waste Management, Gurugram

Pramveer Sihag, an alum of Vivekananda Global University, credits his success at IFFCO, Jaipur, to the robust education and practical exposure gained during his time at VGU. Specializing in Waste Management, he found VGU's curriculum both comprehensive and tailored to industry needs. The university's emphasis on hands-on learning equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in his field. Today, as a professional in Gurugram, he applies his knowledge to tackle real-world challenges effectively. Sihag attributes his career growth to VGU's nurturing environment and dedicated faculty who instilled in him a passion for innovation and sustainability.

Pramveer Sihag,
IFFCO, Jaipur

Studying at Vivekananda Global University was the cornerstone of my career. The holistic education and supportive environment honed my skills. Today, as a Senior Counsellor at BYJU's in Jaipur, I owe much to the foundation laid at VGU. The rigorous curriculum and practical approach equipped me to excel in my role, guiding students toward academic success. VGU instilled values of integrity and perseverance, vital in my profession. The faculty's mentorship was invaluable, shaping my perspective and fostering a lifelong love for learning. Grateful for VGU's transformative journey, I'm proud to contribute to education, inspired by Swami Vivekananda's vision.

Sashikant Sharma,
BYJU’s - Senior councillor, Jaipur

Studying at Vivekananda Global University was transformative for me. The holistic approach to education instilled a deep understanding of agriculture and entrepreneurship. Today, as an Agri-Entrepreneur in Jaipur, I owe much of my success to the practical skills and knowledge gained at VGU. The faculty's guidance and industry exposure equipped me to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the agricultural sector. VGU's emphasis on innovation and sustainability continues to inspire my ventures, driving positive change in the agricultural landscape. I'm grateful for the invaluable education and support that prepared me for a fulfilling career as Mr. Kuldeep Jaman.

Mr. Kuldeep Jaman,
Agri-Entrepreneur, Jaipur

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