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Accommodation & Facilities

Accommodation and student housing, plays a significant role in deciding the future place of education. The space you move into helps you build your own little home. VGU provides hostel facilities to its students who join the University from different parts of the country and from overseas for pursuing their studies. The University has separate hostels for its boys and girls. The Campus inside has four boy’s hostels and two girl’s hostel while off campus has three girls hostel and ten boys hostel.

Separate hostels for boys and girls are being supervised 24X7 by wardens. Apart from the infrastructural soundness, both the hostels provide sufficient scope for interaction and relationship building. It provides a congenial atmosphere that gives new students optimal scope to know their seniors, learn from them, enhance their knowledge and build lasting relations with them. Hostels have mess facility where students can enjoy nutritious and hygienic food.

For hostellers, their rooms become their small world and as rightly said that a hostel is a home away from home, all necessary measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all the hostels. The hostel service is student friendly and gives them a feeling of being at home, hence, necessary steps are taken to ensure that the facilities provided in the hostels are as much student-friendly as possible.

The Perfect Platform for Youth Empowerment

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Singar residence is a pocket-friendly hostel facility for boys. It has well-ventilated and adequately furnished rooms. The hostel atmosphere is hygienic and safe.


The boys AC hostel has luxurious AC rooms, bed, study table, and cupboards. Staying at the hostel inculcates a spirit of cooperation and respect for all.


Gargi hostel is an on-campus hostel facility for girls. The residence has a double and triple seater room facility with well-ventilated, furnished rooms at an affordable price.


Elite hostel is an off-campus hostel facility for girls. It is located at a distance from VGU and has luxurious double-seater rooms. The rooms have AC and are adequately furnished.


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(Academic Session 2024-25)
(Applicable to all students from 1st to Final Year)

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Why Choose in Campus Residences

  • Air Cooled & Conditioned Hostel

  • Stationery & General Store

  • 24X7 Medical support

  • Safe & Secure Campus

  • Outdoor & Indoor Gym

  • Students from 30+ Countries

  • Mess & Cafeteria

  • 3000+ Combined Capacity

  • 24X7 Access to Library

VGU offers a wide array of facilities and amenities for students to enjoy. Let’s give you a quick sneak peek into what VGU has to offer when it comes to student accommodation

  • AC Rooms:

    VGU offer air conditioning systems in rooms to help you beat the heat! VGU truly believes that comfort is key when it comes to having an overall smooth study experience, and we’re determined to provide precisely that! Picking an AC room will require you to incur a slightly higher cost than one without AC but also Peace of Mind.

  • Guest Rooms for visiting parents a truly thing.
  • Transportation facility including Emergency Ambulance Service 24X7
  • 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity in Hostels:

    VGU offer free Wi-Fi along with accommodation allowing for smooth browsing and quick, convenient access to information. The Wi-Fi provided is high quality and high speed.

  • Mess Service:

    VGU not only sprawl over acres of beautiful land and modern buildings but also provide enough room for its Mess services. Mess provides students with four meals - breakfast, lunch, evening refreshments, and dinner, daily. They serve an assortment of dishes and cuisines, fit to please all palates. Costs for food are included in the education fee, avoiding any chaos of paying differently for every meal.

  • CCTV surveillance and 24 x 7 Security for full security of its premises and students
  • Gymnasium and Sports:

    Maintaining good physical health is essential to keep up with academic demands. VGU students deserve the break they need, from time to time, and to ensure their fitness. Indoor gymnasiums on campus are open morning and evenings, with all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment like treadmills, cycles, weights, dumbbells, etc. Sports include everything from basketball, to badminton, to volleyball, to American Football to Boxing to kabaddi.

  • Online Medical Consultancy:

    VGU provide healthcare facilities to students for no additional cost. These medical practitioners are easily accessible, qualified, and always have medication in stock. Many of these infirmaries also have beds for students to rest and recover or keep in observation in severe cases. Doctors 24x7 are available on call and can be contacted through phone calls for assistance.

  • 24 hours Power Backup makes the student plan their activities
  • Food:

    VGU has self-run eateries, most of them also have quaint coffee shops and food shacks, where students can purchase the food of their choice. These eateries give you a break from Mess food, allowing you to mix it up from time to time! These also happen to be the right hang-out spots on campus for students to interact with each other.

  • Laundry:

    When clean, fresh clothes are needed, a laundry service won’t be too far away! Since students live on campus, an essential service they require is laundry, which is for nominal with a cap on how many clothing items per student in a month.

Students comfort is VGU’s priority because we believe a comfortable mind is a happy, peaceful one. Make the right choice for yourself. Remember to consider good choice. Living alone is sure to make you more independent and ensure that stepping out of your comfort zone to be more stress-free, and a smooth journey.