Vision of the Department

Under the leadership of Prof. Y. K. Vijay, Department of Physics is conducting internationally relevant and competitive research. Our faculty members participate as project leaders or researchers in the competitive national and international research projects, thus contributing to the higher education in the field of physics. Their scientific work is connected with innovative teaching techniques, thus providing a creative and stimulating environment for the education of future generations of physicist and equip them with such skills for higher studies in national higher educational institutions. The University is planning to establish a Center of Excellence in the area of renewable energy and Material Science. Thus, the Physics Department is well poised to build on its strengths and deepen its pursuit of excellence.

Mission of the Department

The Department of Physics is a blend of very senior and young faculty members of this growing university, established in 2012. The members of the Physics Department have a broad range of interests spanning both the very fundamental aspects of nature as well as the applied and engineering aspects of Physics. Areas of interest and active research include Material science, Thin film technology, Renewable energy, Photovoltaic Solar Cell and Nanotechnology. We are building up capabilities in experimental physics with innovative approach. The department is very cohesive and supportive of the research carried out by its members. The department offers Physics courses with laboratory at UG and PG level that includes B.Sc. (Pass course), B.Sc. (Physics Hons.), two year M. Sc. (Physics) and Ph. D programs.

Prof. R. K. Gupta | H.O.D of Physics
Vivekananda Global University

Prof. R K Gupta is working as Professor in Physics department and Dean (Student Welfare) at VGU. He is M.Sc from University of Rajasthan and has served many academic institutions. He was continuously for five years as Patron Student Union of Govt. College, Sri Karanpur. He has about 38 years of experience and currently working in the fields of Optics & Electronics. He has been very passionate in grooming the students, a real and honest citizen for future.


Prof. (Dr.) Y K Vijay
President, VGU
Professor Y. C. Sharma
Dean, R & D, VGU
Prof. R. K. Gupta
Dr. Subodh Srivastava
Associate Professor
Dr. Mukesh Payak
Dr. Manoj Thosar
Associate Professor
Dr. Sushila
Assistant Professor
Akanksha Srivastava
Assistant Professor

Advisors/Visiting team

Prof. Deepak Bhatnagar
Head Department of Physics
Prof. K. C. Swami
Professor Department of Physics
Dr. S. N. Dolia
Associate Professor
Dr. Kanupriya Sachdev
Head and Associate Professor

 Contact Person
  Name -Prof. R.K. Gupta
  Phone No. - 9587015914