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To promote higher learning in advanced technology and industrial research to make our country a global player.

Diploma in Pharmacy is one of the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in India. Pharmacists are employed in a range of settings including community pharmacies, hospitals, industry, regulatory and research roles. You can expect your skills to be in demand as this course focuses on preparing for working in all aspects of the pharmacy profession. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to make a difference in the health and well-being of your community, Vivekananda Global University can help you achieve your goals.

As a pharmacy student, you will learn from internationally-renowned academics about the chemical, physical, pharmaceutical and pharmacological properties of medicines, and the application of these in the practice of pharmacy. Our course reflects the complexity of pharmacy practice in the real world. Each semester you will build on previous learning to develop a thorough understanding of the factors that can contribute to a patient’s overall health and care plan. You will have access to the latest technology, facilities and teaching laboratories as well as gain extensive clinical experience. Your course will involve much more than just learning from a textbook. VGU’s facilities give you access to modern laboratories, equipment and simulated environments where you can learn practical skills and gain the ideal preparation for your future caree

The objective of the course curriculum is to impart quality education with skilled practical efficiency pertaining to the Pharmaceutical Science to provide standard pharmaceutical services to hospital and community pharmacies, drug manufacturing industries, marketing, national/regional health bureaus, teaching and research institutes, drug administration, quality control / quality assurance and as per the aspirations of the pharmaceutical industries. The course offers exhaustive exposure to various practical aspects of the research methodologies, instrumental techniques, emerging areas and industrial operations.

We strive to nurture an attitude conducive to self-learning and life-long learning that would not only provide comprehensive pharmaceutical education, but also integrate professional knowledge and skills with research competencies. Our institution endeavors to provide experiential hands-on training with the help of state of the art infrastructure and motivated, competent teaching faculty and Empower and sensitize pharmacists to serve the societal needs of health care system.

To promote quality education, training and research in the field of Pharmacy by establishing effective interface with industry and to encourage faculty to undertake industry sponsored projects for students.

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