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  • About

    • The Department of Life Sciences was established in 2019 under the Faculty of basic and Applied Sciences with an emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and research in modern biology. Department is located at the second floor of university's largest site (VGU) lies in the west part at our Campus. It has three divisions covering the areas of Animal science, Plant science and Forensic science. Our curriculum is designed to meet the diverse interests of life science students. The students will receive training in fundamental knowledge in life sciences and forensic science.
      The Department offers pass as well as honours courses for undergraduate students and imparts, in addition to the structured theoretical courses, hands-on training for the students of the course in state-of-art laboratory facilities. The Department possesses reputed faculty who have developed themselves as an independent researchers.
      If you are interested in the science of living organisms - from the structure and function of DNA and proteins to the interaction among living organisms in an ecosystem; from preparing a career in biological and forensic science to becoming a scientist in research and development of biotechnological products – you are welcome to join us.

  • Vision of the Department

    • As an internationally renowned autonomous university, we will create elite knowledge and technologies in the field of biological sciences as a multidisciplinary field. The Department of Life Sciences will be a leader in acquiring fundamental knowledge of the living world that will advance the health of the planet, including humans. We will fully integrate teaching and research so that all students not only learn but also, through their learning, actively contribute to our understanding of life.

  • Mission of the Department

    • To serve the communities of our world, nation, state, and university by advancing understanding of living organisms and their interactions with the surroundings through research, to provide high-quality education in Zoology Botany and Forensic Science with an emphasis on experiential learning and problem solving, and to build public understanding of the living world through educational outreach activities for learners of all ages. Increase the recruitment of and support for innovative and outstanding faculty who through research and teaching will develop the scientists, health professionals, government professionals, and mentors of the future. Foster an exciting environment where teaching, research, and service will stimulate our students to serve as leaders of the people of this state, the nation, and the world. The department will provide excellent graduate education in the courses it is going to offer and the diverse research opportunities. We are committed to excellence in our teaching and we strive to develop each student's ability to acquire and critically interpret knowledge of basic facts and theories of life science.

Dr. Kumud Kant Awasthi | H.O.D of Life Sciences +91 9413284732

This is an amazing time to be exploring the life sciences! As the study of life itself, biology is a subject that draws the interest of almost everyone. Our understanding of the foundations of life is constantly growing, becoming more diverse and sophisticated every year. As a broad-based life sciences department, we form a community dedicated to understanding the natural world from global ecosystems down to molecular interactions. We discover new knowledge and train budding scientists.
We have a vibrant and interactive faculty who perform advanced education addressing questions of relevance to medicine and life sciences, forensic science, biotechnology, pharmacology, agriculture and environmental change. We engage and embrace a community of graduate students who join us as scientists, scholars and educators.
We immerse ourselves in undergraduate education, fostering our students’ eagerness to explore the natural world by immersing them in curricula promoting critical thinking, as well as welcoming them into research laboratories to make them active participants in scientific discovery.
Welcome to our world; it’s a wonderful place to be.

Courses Offered


Kumud Kant Awasthi (H.O.D.)

Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D

Exp. In years Teaching/Corporate : 9 years

Seema Manwani (Assistant Professor & Pro HoD )

Qualification: M.Sc.,B.Ed

Exp. In years Teaching/Corporate : 2 years

Pooja Devi (Assistant Professor )

Qualification: M.Sc.

Exp. In years Teaching/Corporate : 1 years

Ranjita Singh (Assistant Professor )

Qualification: M.Sc.

Exp. In years Teaching/Corporate : 1 years

Academic Experts & Mentors

Prof. P. J. John (Professor )

Department of Zoology

University of Rajasthan Jaipur

Prof. G. P. Singh (Professor )

Department of Botany

University of Rajasthan Jaipur

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Contact Person Name- Dr. Kumud Kant Awasthi, Phone No.- +91 9413284732, E-mail Address-
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