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Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)


The Library Dashboard is an easy-to-use, single page. real-time user interface. This dashboard provides an easy-to-comprehend visual display of the most important information needed to meet the objectives of the library The library module provides a well-defined and tested workflow for managing the various resources in a library, and maintaining the catalogue of items, processing issues and returns, booking and prioritization, binding, and other vendor interactions and management & collection of late fee and damages from students or faculty.

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Library Types and Settings

  • Option of creating Multiple Central library’s/or One Parent central and multiple Department libraries
  • Option of Single /Multiple membership
  • Item type creation
  • Membership category creation
  • Issue period and Library fine management
  • Individual Issue, renewal and reservation rules and aggregate rules for all libraries
  • Author, publisher, editor, and vendor master management
  • User-defined classification schemes- Library classification, division, subjects, index
  • Housekeeping

Member and Circulation Control:

  • Maintain Membership
  • Bulk /individual membership creation
  • Single window transaction screen
  • Bar code enabled check-in/checkout of holdings
  • Check Out of Library Items
  • Check In/Renewal of Library Items
  • Check-in and Checkout with or without Slip

Library Catalog and Holding:

  • Maintain Catalog (Excel upload and front end)
  • Maintain Holding (Excel upload and front end)
  • Maintain Suggestion
  • Bulk holding addition from front end
  • Bar-code/Accession Number/Call Number Generation Configuration for holding
  • Bar-code and Spine Label Printing
  • Book Binding process
  • Generating Binding Pass

Library Classification:

  • Maintain Classification Scheme
  • Maintain Subject Index